Thursday, 21 January, 2010

Bomaby Rains ,Bombay Girls

This book is from a debutant writer and its about Adi, who came to Bombay to pursue his medicine and his journey in a  new place with new friends . Anirban Bose choose a simple plot and was successful in holding the reader .

This is just not a campus novel but it also reveals  about human emotions.Like,

The preaching about being successful in one's eye then live up to the some one's expectation by Adi's father to him.
Toshi's mother description about   how we see other people and the description about the three kind's of people whom we meet. This was brilliant.
Toshi's emotional about how the eastern side of Indian's are not being treated as Indians.
Fight against domestic violence which Harsha gone through .
How Peru was made to believe he was a bad omen for his family by his own father.
Is it right for a Doctor to  fight  for there rights when the common man  was suffering.

Very beautifully written, if you are interested in human relations and emotions you will have tears and joy when reading it .

Sunday, 13 December, 2009


Every one is giving an opinion on  Telangana and as a common man  now I  give a damn,  if  there is a need of a seperate state.As per my understanding of this topic,  there is nothing good gonna happen if we have a separate state or not.

It's very saddening to see that the public property is being destroyed  in this whole chaos and  the  worst part is that the students from Osmania University  are  part of it .I urge to all the people , please stop destroying  public property and  harassing the common public.
You can have other ways of protesting the decision , there is nothing wise in destorying the public property.
I don't ask you to be Gandhi  but don't be an awara gunda   or puppets of our selfish political leaders and destroy  public (Your) property.

Sunday, 5 April, 2009


After a very very long time, me and my parents went to the movie called Aakasamantha.
I loved the movie, it does not have super graphics or mesmerizing music or not a new story , but still it touched my heart.
Screenplay and cinematogrphy was excellent .The entire story is narrated in spaced flashback format where Prakashraj narrates the story to Jagapathi Babu who plays a father role to a two year old girl.

One scene that particulary made me thinking was,  the daughter replys to her father  about her acitions where she says  "She is clear about her ideas and she knows what she is doing",  this was a repeated dialogue  at different stages of there life's and the same dialogue was used to end the movie.

Sometimes, we forget that a small words can make  your parents sad.Myself have told the similar words  to my father .And now I'm disappointed for not understanding there love and care  towards me at that point of time .Today after seing the movie I 'm sure those words will not  be part of  our beautiful  relation. 

My dad is best .

this is dedicated to my dad ...

Sunday, 29 March, 2009

How important it is ... ???

How important is to  be beautiful ?

The instant answer of any one  would say "Everything that glitters is not Gold",but how many people would consider the inner beauty of a person.
I always fail to  understand why do we ill treat a person who is not so beautiful but talented  and good.
But why ?
is it so important ?

Thursday, 19 February, 2009


This is something we forget about and we donot even care to mention it.

Moment happens every sec, you learn in every  moment

the moment you smile it spread happiness,
the moment you cry it lower your spirits,
the moment you get angry,you screw the things.

Its everything in the moment.
Live the moment.

Thursday, 18 September, 2008

My first attempt of a Portrait

This is my first attempt of a portrait and of course my model is our sweet tenant's son.
I find it very difficult to capture a portrait,I feel one should be very good in capturing the expression and emotions of the person and also get the proper lighting for it.
I also feel when u take portrait you should be able to connect to the subject for those fee minutes.
As one get perfect with practice,I will practice taking more portraits to expertise in it

Sunday, 14 September, 2008

Weekend Philosphy

Yeah this weekend it was a great realization for me .The two important things I have learnt are

* Don't give up your hobby or passion for anything in your life
* Value of time or Moving your work behind is the biggest mistake of anyone's life.

let me get into more details of it.

The first realization came up when i was browsing through various sites and suddenly two question rose in my heart .

Am'I really working on my passion - photography ?
Am' I really doing things which I wanted to do it from very long time - work an hour on every weekend to make life better of an individual in our society?

My answer for it is "NO".

So what I have been doing and what am'I doing ? Nothing ??

My second realization came up when I was having some stupid yet interesting conversations with my Dad ,which I usually have with him on my evening walk.

My Dad has this really nice nature of making you realize your mistake by not telling it directly.He usaullay quote a statement or share his life experenices. As usual after me telling about my last week work and how Ii was pending few things and getting frustrated of my work.
He started speaking about the "Value of time" and quoted this
"If you loose your one second of time you lost one full year in your life "

That was really a nice statement which I have to agree on it from my last week experiences.

I have decided I will make sure I will not give up this things. I don't know if I would be able to keep up this promise. But I would be the most happiest if i do this for a month and its my resolution for the month .

As I belive if someone work on it for more than a week it will become an habit.

Friday, 8 August, 2008

Hemanth Kumar

Deepti has pinged me this song, and i fell love with hemanth kumar voice.
This song is too good,its from a movie called Kamoshi(1969)

Tuesday, 8 July, 2008

Great geek sites

This link takes you to the list of geek sites, who loves to play with their computer.
here is the link
And I have got it from one of my favorite site HowToGeek .
Few of my personal favorite and which i visit regularly are :
I have gone through these sites and I'm sure everyone enjoys it.
Happy browsing :)

Friday, 23 May, 2008

Finally in SFO

its 5:30am in the morning and I'm jetlag .Nothing is like a good hot shower and nice nap after a 20 hours of journey.I have pulled my self out of bed to go out and grab my dinner and I thought I was on a National highway ,as I could see very few people and 100's of car on the road .
I was really scared of crossing the road to get a Indian food from the Indian restaurant.I will try to go out and see whats their at the restaurant in the next few days.

when I was writing the previous sentence the only thought that hit me was why the hell I wrote it as "I will try to go and find " when I'm sure to do that.

People say Planning is very important for everything but I feel give your best and everything comes your way.I was planning to do my cisco certification from past 2 years and every time I was very serious about it and I have planned to do it again in June.

I have properly planned my next two weeks about my stay in Mountain view and my calendar is full,like a good south Indian meal.Hope everything goes well and I will definitely post some pics of beautiful SFO and definitely GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE until then happy blogging.

Monday, 19 May, 2008

Launchy for windows

When I was using mac , system preference was something very handy.But when i shifted back to windows I need to use start or type a shortcut command in run to launch something.

But when i was going through my google readerI have found this application Launchy .It indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!

You can download launchy here

Saturday, 2 June, 2007

My Random thoughts

I am very confused abt my LIFE.When i was a child i used to think that life is about enjoying with friends and staying with lovely parents,and of course education going to school, college then a job in some MNC.
But as some one said "Life always decide's something different for us". i have achieved my dreams ,but as i said before life always decide something different for us.There is something missing in my life, an emptiness,loneliness,and i 'am not sure whats exact that feeling is .
I have tried to analyze the feeling ......, usually it may be b'coz of various reasons.
May be i am not satisfied with my job.
May be expecting more from myself.
May be nature of human being (Always want more ).
May be upset of my personal life...etc
Ruling out all these things, i have decided to accept the life and forget about this
As some one said
"Life is NOT COMPLEX,but its NOT SIMPLE also.