Sunday, 14 September, 2008

Weekend Philosphy

Yeah this weekend it was a great realization for me .The two important things I have learnt are

* Don't give up your hobby or passion for anything in your life
* Value of time or Moving your work behind is the biggest mistake of anyone's life.

let me get into more details of it.

The first realization came up when i was browsing through various sites and suddenly two question rose in my heart .

Am'I really working on my passion - photography ?
Am' I really doing things which I wanted to do it from very long time - work an hour on every weekend to make life better of an individual in our society?

My answer for it is "NO".

So what I have been doing and what am'I doing ? Nothing ??

My second realization came up when I was having some stupid yet interesting conversations with my Dad ,which I usually have with him on my evening walk.

My Dad has this really nice nature of making you realize your mistake by not telling it directly.He usaullay quote a statement or share his life experenices. As usual after me telling about my last week work and how Ii was pending few things and getting frustrated of my work.
He started speaking about the "Value of time" and quoted this
"If you loose your one second of time you lost one full year in your life "

That was really a nice statement which I have to agree on it from my last week experiences.

I have decided I will make sure I will not give up this things. I don't know if I would be able to keep up this promise. But I would be the most happiest if i do this for a month and its my resolution for the month .

As I belive if someone work on it for more than a week it will become an habit.