Sunday, 5 April, 2009


After a very very long time, me and my parents went to the movie called Aakasamantha.
I loved the movie, it does not have super graphics or mesmerizing music or not a new story , but still it touched my heart.
Screenplay and cinematogrphy was excellent .The entire story is narrated in spaced flashback format where Prakashraj narrates the story to Jagapathi Babu who plays a father role to a two year old girl.

One scene that particulary made me thinking was,  the daughter replys to her father  about her acitions where she says  "She is clear about her ideas and she knows what she is doing",  this was a repeated dialogue  at different stages of there life's and the same dialogue was used to end the movie.

Sometimes, we forget that a small words can make  your parents sad.Myself have told the similar words  to my father .And now I'm disappointed for not understanding there love and care  towards me at that point of time .Today after seing the movie I 'm sure those words will not  be part of  our beautiful  relation. 

My dad is best .

this is dedicated to my dad ...