Sunday, 13 December, 2009


Every one is giving an opinion on  Telangana and as a common man  now I  give a damn,  if  there is a need of a seperate state.As per my understanding of this topic,  there is nothing good gonna happen if we have a separate state or not.

It's very saddening to see that the public property is being destroyed  in this whole chaos and  the  worst part is that the students from Osmania University  are  part of it .I urge to all the people , please stop destroying  public property and  harassing the common public.
You can have other ways of protesting the decision , there is nothing wise in destorying the public property.
I don't ask you to be Gandhi  but don't be an awara gunda   or puppets of our selfish political leaders and destroy  public (Your) property.