Thursday, 21 January, 2010

Bomaby Rains ,Bombay Girls

This book is from a debutant writer and its about Adi, who came to Bombay to pursue his medicine and his journey in a  new place with new friends . Anirban Bose choose a simple plot and was successful in holding the reader .

This is just not a campus novel but it also reveals  about human emotions.Like,

The preaching about being successful in one's eye then live up to the some one's expectation by Adi's father to him.
Toshi's mother description about   how we see other people and the description about the three kind's of people whom we meet. This was brilliant.
Toshi's emotional about how the eastern side of Indian's are not being treated as Indians.
Fight against domestic violence which Harsha gone through .
How Peru was made to believe he was a bad omen for his family by his own father.
Is it right for a Doctor to  fight  for there rights when the common man  was suffering.

Very beautifully written, if you are interested in human relations and emotions you will have tears and joy when reading it .